Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Handling of Personal information

  1. Personal information acquired by us shall be used only for the following purposes.
    • Offering services expected to us and contacts related to them
    • Service requested by us and contacts related to them
    • Information of other services provided by us
    • Staff employment and the related contacts
  2. Personal information acquired by us shall not be provided or disclosed to a third party except for us, except for the following circumstances
    • Cases in which it is likely to harm the life, health or property of the person or the public
    • Disclosure is required by laws and regulations
    • Cases in which we consign the business to a company with which we have a service agreement that specifies confidentiality related to personal information, prohibition of reconsignment, responsibility sharing in case of an accident, etc.
  3. When the disclosure of personal information is requested, we shall disclose personal information only to the person by following the routine procedure.
    When it is found due to the disclosure that there is a mistake in the said information, only the person can request to correct or delete it.
  4. Though it is optional to provide personal information to us, our service may not be available unless providing personal information to us.

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