Mineral waterSuzu-ne

One of our foundation spirits “Support Radiant Women”
We thought over, what we can do to actualize that spirit.

One of the answer is “Suzune”

An integrated food & drink service is our business pillar.
Water is fundamental of food & drink.
Because it is essential for human beings and source of life.
Source of life. Essential presence for human beings to be born, mother.

Our body is made of water.
Our body is made of mother’s feelings.
Everyone meets and receive love first from this “Woman” = “Mother”
We want to support women more and mother more.

Give mother and baby hope for tomorrow.
Even though it seems an account of dream, “We can change the world from water”

Suzune was born from that spirit then relationship with white ribbon had started.


In the world, 830 women lose their life a day due to pregnancy, childbirth, and abortion.
“White Ribbon” is a support activity that mourn souls of mother’s and baby’s helping them overcome the grief and connect hope for tomorrow.
We aim for the world where all the women can have safe pregnancy and childbirth, and support this activity through (sales of) Suzune.
\1.5 will be donated to White Ribbon Campaign (JOICEF) per bottle of Suzune.

Southern Alps to the West, Mt. Fuji to the South, we collect water from a scenic area surrounded by great nature. Water is filtered by ultra micro filter in a large-scale factory about 6,000 TSUBO (about 20,000 square meters). We deliver fresh taste by filling bottles in a germfree environment without heat sterilization. Little children can also drink safely because it is alkalescent that is gentle to the body and super soft water.
Light on the palate and sweet taste making it tastes good on its own, of course, but it is also excellent with food and alcohol.
We successfully reduced quantity of refuse to 1/20 by shifting to case shrink package from conventional cardboard package. (※Material we used) It is an earth-friendly natural water as well.

Product name Suzu-ne
Ingredients Water(Mineral water)
Capacity 570ml
Obtaining Water from Fuefuki City, Yamanashi
Water Hardness 31.2mg/L(Soft water)
pH 8.3

Nutritional information(per 100ml)



1 Case(570ml×12 bottles):\720(Tax will be added)
Please be advised that we take order from 2 cases.


In the world, 830 women lose their life a day due to pregnancy, childbirth, and abortion.

“WHITE RIBBON RUN” is charity running convention, for people to get to know the reality, with 830 women in Ariake, Odaiba area as the main venue held on 3/5 (Sun) right before International Women’s Day that you can participate as virtual runner wherever you are if you wear WHITE RIBBON RUN convention official T-shirt.
Entry fee from runners will be all donated for woman support in Nepal, Myanmar, and Tanzania.
In main venue, you can enjoy trial sessions that you could reconsider your health and beauty in and out of your body, markets that you could feel close to Nepal, Myanmar, and Tanzania, booths, talk shows and so on.

Premium Shochu Kin no Washu【WASHU】

People from Kagoshima, home of Shochu, express their delight by saying “Flowers bloomed” when they meet aroma and flavor of tasty Shochu. “Kin no Washu” is exactly a “Full Bloom” Shochu.

We use O-omotani’s mineral rich soft water as a Warimizu (Water that is added to adjust alcohol content) that has been natured over time through Shirasu Plateau in Kagoshima.
Local potato, Kogane Sengan that has good balance of taste and aroma as ingredient, we use wooden cask still that is rarely used these days to bring out sweet and mild taste that originally potato have. Furthermore, we finish off our Shochu with full of natural flavor that has slight soil scent by burying an unglazed jar in the ground for 1 to 2 years.
“Satsuma Muso” is Satsuma Shochu brewer , “One and Only in Satsuma”, that has been brewing Premium Shochu for many years.
“Kin no Washu” is a Shochu that are made in grace of nature in Kagoshima with great effort of brewers while making full use of their skilled techniques.

Product name Kin no Washu
Main Ingredients Kogane Sengan Potato
Type of Malt Rice malt/Black rice malt
Distillation Method Normal pressure distillation
Serving Size 720ml
JAN Code 4990389034405